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Children's Garden Theater has taken a revolutionary approach to entertainment. Beginning with "Back to the Beanstalk," each show we produce takes place in the same kingdom and features many of the same characters. In this way, the students and the audience get to see how these character grow and change, not just over the course of one play, but over the course of the series. Students enjoy coming back to play the same character again, but only in a different play. Other students enjoy taking on new characters in this dazzling universe.


Chapter 1, "Back to the Beanstalk"

When the village is over-run with rats and mice, Jack is forced to sell his cow to pay the Piper. Little did he know, that selling his cow for beans would take him on an adventure beyond his wildest dreams. In the meantime, the feuding rats and mice must figure out how to co-exist, and the Piper gets the villagers all riled up!


Chapter 2, "Jack and Jill and the Crown of Wonder"

The next day, after Jack's adventure up in the sky, things have returned to normal in the village... or have they? Jill, desperate to win Jack's heart makes a hasty wish, and soon the two are on an adventure of their own. In the meantime, the Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick Maker must go on a quest for the Witch, and the rats and mice try to redevelop a business plan for the failing butcher shop.

Chapter 3, "The Big Bad Wolf"

She's big, and She's bad, and she's mean, and she's mad... and now we find out why. Jack watches over his new meadow of sheep, while Little Red Ridinghood tries to go visit her Granny in the woods. In the meantime, the Three Pigs are having trouble running their restaurant, and one sheep goes against the flock.

Chapter 4, "The Twelve Dancing Princesses"

Twelve orphans in the village orphanage have never known their families. The only thing all of them have in common are the curious amulets each one of them possesses. One fateful night, they discover that combining their amulets opens a portal to a magical world where they are free to dance the night away. Only the Witch and the Royal Sorcerer know the true power of the amulets and the Twelve Dancing Princesses.