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Children's Garden Theater was created to provide an educational and artistic environment to teach children of all ages and experience about theater. We specialize in custom written musicals created specifically for the children involved in the productions.

Our program revolves around positive reinforcement in which children are praised for succeeding. Children perform better, learn faster, and develop more confidence when they are being told what it is they are doing correctly, rather than having them hear about all the mistakes they make. Our staff keeps this in mind when directing, which creates an environment of real creative growth.

Artistic Director, Don Goodner, got his start composing music twenty years ago with his musical adaptation of  A.A. Milne's "The Ugly Duckling." Unfortunately, he was oblivious to copyright laws and was ultimately unable to produce that particular show. However he learned that composing music was something he rather enjoyed.

He composes all the music for Children's Garden Theater productions, and specifically writes the music for the particular kid playing the part. "Theaters spend so much time trying to find the right person to play the right part," says Goodner. "Instead, we write the music to fit the person. It makes it much easier, and the kids really get a kick knowing that each song was written for them."

In addition to composing, Goodner also writes all the scripts. "I've witnessed some horrid children's theater in my time. Those shows were so devoid of meaning, message, or character. Honestly, I write a script for a show that I would enjoy watching myself. In the end, the kids in our shows have challenging material, and pull it off extraordinarily well. We're very proud of the results."

Children involved in a CGT production are given the opportunity to work with professional choreographers, dance instructors, and vocal coaches. Veterans of our productions keep coming back to learn more from the staff, and kids new to the program learn not only from the staff but also from working with the more experienced kids.

So come on down and become part of the story!